• Thais

    Stand out from the crowd with our ultra-luxe bucket bag, an iconic style featuring a sexy, slouchy silhouette collapsible by lightly structure straps.

    L30 cm x W16.5 cm x H31 cm
    L25 cm x W13.5 cm x H25.5 cm
    L22.5 cm x W12 cm x H23.5 cm
    L19 cm x W13 cm x H19.5 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 35,200

  • Candice

    Effortlessly elevate your look with this ultimate classic. A lavish shoulder bag that features an elegant silhouette, this is a graceful and lustrous accessory to any outfit.

    L23 cm x W7 cm x H21 cm
    L18 cm x W6 cm X H16.5 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 39,600

  • Wendy

    With a stylish and elegant flap closure, this timeless bag can be carried by the strap or elegantly by the top handle.  

    L26 cm x W13 cm x H21.5 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 49,800

  • Emma

    Our streamlined envelope clutch intensifies minimalist glamour with an intricate gold lock.  Perfectly structured and polished to transition easily from the office to an evening out. 

    L26 cm x W4 cm x H18 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 28,000

  • Chrystel

    An easy-carry, all-purpose document holder that strikes the right balance between professionalism and play for the go-getter.

    L39.5 cm x W11.5 cm x H30 cm
    L31.5 cm x W10 cm x H24 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 46,800

  • Fanelie

    With a saddlebag-inspired flap closure for equestrian style, this sleekly compact purse is perfectly sized for everyday use.

    L24 cm x W8 cm x H17.5 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 38,800

  • Porte Document

    L29 cm x W3 cm x H21 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 18,200


    Full collection is available exclusively at D’AUCHEL Maison & Atelier.

    To be inquired

  • Christine

    A classic clutch with our signature “D’AUCHEL” lock.  Perfect size and look for an evening out in town.

    L30 cm x W3 cm x H12 cm
    L42 cm x W3 cm x H12 cm

    PRICE FROM: HK$ 14,800